When I opened my very first newborn studio in Tampa, I dreamt of moments like these. Although, it may not be what you expect. Of course, I love snuggling your babies, but what I truly love is getting to watch your family grow. From first-time parents expecting your first to arms full with three boys! […]

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Behind the scenes of a studio newborn session with Tampa Bay, FL photographer, Brittany Elise Photography.

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People hire newborn photographers every day to photograph their baby just days after they are born, often without giving much thought to who that photographer is. Your baby is hands down the most precious gift you have ever been given in your life, and you’ll trust it to someone you don’t even know? I won’t […]

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When I had my first baby, I was a NICU nurse and lactation consultant. I felt like I was ready and more prepared than most mommas could ever be. But I quickly learned that although I knew the science, the benefits, and all of the things to look for physically, that was only a very […]



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