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Maternity Sessions


When is the best time for a maternity session?

Maternity photography is best done between your 7th and 8 month of pregnancy (28-35 weeks). If you are carrying multiples we suggest a little earlier. Most of our clients book maternity sessions so we tend to fill bookings 2 – 3 months prior to due dates for this reason.
We offer maternity sessions when booking your due date for a newborn session.

Im not sure I want to do maternity or feel up for a photo session…

We totally get it! You’re growing a human your baby is changing a lot – while its not always glamorous we find motherhood to be one of the most beautiful and powerful moments to document in a woman’s life. We hear so many clients express regret for not taking the opportunity to have profession portraits capturing that amazing beauty. If you’re on the fence, we strongly encourage you to capture this special time. We always encourage our maternity clients to take the day to celebrate this special moment with some pampering. Book a prenatal mssage or pedicure that day and book a dinner reservation for a special outing to celebrate these final days before welcoming this member into your family. Make you’re maternity session date more than just about pictures, make it a day of pampering and celebration.

What do I wear to my maternity session?

We offer a full maternity wardrobe in various sizes and soft hues that work beautifully with our style of photography. Wardrobe is key in any photo session so we work with each family on style – choosing the perfect combination for beautiful portraits for the whole family – saving you both time and money leading up to your session.

Can my husband and children going me for my maternity sessions?

Of course! We love for immediate family members to be apart of this special time.

Where do maternity session take place?

Maternity sessions take place on location in the bay area or in our natural light studio.For more lifestyle, cozy and intimate feel, our natural light studio is the perfect setting. For more candid and scenic feel we suggest on location in a nuatre based setting away from building, cars and people – really allowing you and your baby bump to be the focus of the images we capture. If you’re not sure about location we will work together looking at past sessions to ensure we create the look and feel you’re hoping for your maternity portraits.

How long is a typical maternity session?

Most maternity sessions are 45 minutes to an hour.

Can I wear more than one outfit?

Of course! On location we typically do 1-2 looks and in studio 2-3 looks.

My arms and face are puffy and I’m worried I won’t look myself.

Do not worry! We totally get this! Pregnancy is different for everyone and different for every child you carry. We fully retouch all of our images and accommodate client editing requests for changes like this – we are happy to slim things here and there to help per your request.

Am I able to purchase digital files?

Yes! All of our clients walk away with both digital files and tangible heirloom art.

What if I only want a few images?

We present 30+ images from all our sessions and believe our clients should purchase what they love which is why we offer both smaller and larger digital collections allowing you tailor your collection to both you needs and budget.

Do you offer discounts for booking multiple sessions?

Yes! We love being apart of our clients lives and documenting moments both big and small. This is is truly what makes our job special, so we structure our offerings as such.

How long does it take to get my images back?

Because we hand edit each image and take time to create a personalized in studio viewing and ordering experience, you can expect your images to be ready 2 -3 weeks following your session. We know the wait is tough so in the mean time we will post a sneak peek to our social media – we would love for you to follow along.

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