Photographing A Baby Born During Quarantine|Baby Led Posing

Reopening your photography business after quarantine can be difficult. Using baby lead posing for infants born during the shut down is a great way to ensure you document true to life moments while adapting your posing style to allow the baby to guide the session.

Whats is baby led posing?

Baby Lead posing is in the genre of “lifestyle” newborn photography which is simply a more relaxed form of posing. The focus is on natural movements and allowing the baby to guide the direction of the sessions.

  • Embrace their alertness
  • Move to the direction that are looking to turning
  • Capture real interactions with parents and siblings

Rather than requiring baby’s to sleep and using posing that they wouldn’t natural conform to thier movements – you simply adjust your movements to them. When awake using a boppy lounger is my go-to. Since babies prefer to not be tightly swaddled beyond the 2-3 months its important to adapt your wrapping style to them. Draping the wrap over thier diaper is a great way.


Baby led Photography is very safe because the goal is to capture natural connections between baby and the family.

When babies are pictured in unlikely positions this takes a long time perfect all the details but rather my focus is to capture you baby how they truly are wish is perfect. My goal is to create a stress free space were baby and family feel safe and at home.

About Brittany Elise Photography Newborn Sessions

Newborn sessions are for baby and family. Mom gets full VIP treatment with hair and makeup. Styling is included for the whole family.

What I like to do is bring mom and baby in first, so mom can get her hair and makeup done. This gives me time to connect with mom and what she’s envisioning for her session. While she gets pammpered by my team, I capture images of just baby. If there are siblings involved we make sure their outfits are chosen and also that dads outfit is set.

Later, dad and siblings will come. This is great because then the other children weren’t waiting (and getting anxious) but rather they arrive fresh and excited to get their picture taken.

I like to take the approach of the baby leading the session. Whatever he or she needs, they get. If they to be held or fed, it is all built into the session time. Myself and my assistants wear masks during the whole session to protect baby and family from COVID-19.

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