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A newborn photo shoot is always fun to do. At Brittany Elise Photography we specialize in newborn photography. It’s a joy to have a brand new baby in the studio. You can feel connection the baby has with their parents and how they are connecting with this big world around them.

Newborn Baby

The B family welcomed a beautiful baby boy in July. He was born with wide eyes and a lot of lushes brown hair. Z was very sleepy at first, which made for those great simple shots of baby wrapped. There was a time he woke up and he showed off his wide eyes. There were so many sweet photos during this session which makes for timeless newborn portraits.

Family Photos

After newborn images and mom is finished with hair and makeup we bring dad and the siblings in for family portraits. We got the whole family in this session and you can see the connection between these four. They are so close and we got to capture that through the photos.


Baby Zs older brother, joined us as well in the studio. He was. a best to. work with. Z was sporting a white long sleeve shirt with this cute khaki overalls. He also has those beautiful wide eyes and was no stranger to the camera. It’s so cool to have older siblings in a newborn photo shoot because you can get a glimpse what the baby will look like at that stage of their life.


Mom, wore a gorgeous white lace long sleeve dress. Haseena also got full hair and makeup for this photo shoot from our styling team. Brittany Elsie Photography really strives to give family, especially mom, a stress free photo shoot.


Dad wore a coordinating outfit to big brother. He truly appreciated capturing their family at this stage of their lives stepping in to help mom during this session. You can tell in the pictures below that he has a great connection and cares about his boys.

We really enjoyed working with the B family during this newborn photo shoot. This baby boy’s newborn photos where certainly one of our favorites. We wish all the best to this family!

If you think you want to have a newborn photo shoot contact us.

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