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As I walked into Buy Buy Baby to get a gift for a baby shower, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Towers of baby items and “must have” gear filled the store from ceiling to floor. They have everything from diaper cream spatulas to temperature testing rubber duckies. As a Tampa Newborn Photographer, I had to ask myself, how in the world do moms today know what to buy, especially if they are on a tight budget? We sent the question out, and our followers chose the top 10 must-have baby items under $30!

Here’s the lineup (in no particular order):

Water Wipes

NICU nurses advise that diaper rashes worsen with traditional wipes, even the unscented ones, and they’re great for cleaning up messes!

*Side note: If you’re ever in a bind, wet paper towels work well, and for a REALLY bad diaper rash, trying eliminating wipes for a while. Instead, use tissues with petroleum jelly to clean those little bottoms.

Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water

Helps relieve tummy discomfort in babies as young as 2 weeks. It’s safe, organic and works well for gas, colic, and even teething!

Sophie the Giraffe

Made of 100% all-natural rubber, this cute little giraffe satisfies even the fussiest teething baby. She’s easy to grip for little hands and easy to clean for parents.

Washable Breast Pads

If you’re a nursing mom and tend to leak throughout the day, disposable pads get expensive! Those are great to have in your purse for emergencies, but you can buy inexpensive, reusable ones for a daily basis. Because they’re fabric, they are much more comfortable and breathable than disposable pads.

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste

Funny name, amazing product. This diaper cream has a light, clean smell, and is one of the best for preventing and healing diaper rash.

White Noise Machine

Soft, continuous noise helps drown out any startling sounds to help your baby sleep like a dream. Noise machines are essential for families with multiple kids, preventing them from waking each other up. Make sure to get a portable one!


These pacifiers have adorable little animals attached to them, but the cuteness serves a purpose: they are easy to grab, easy to find, and stay put atop a newborn as the cuddly friend holds it in place.

HaaKaa Breast Pump/Collector

No tubes, no wires, no machine. This simple but effective “pump” uses suction to quickly draw out your milk. Great for long car trips, plane rides, or long events where you need to express milk discretely. Also great for catching milk on the other side while nursing—that stuff is liquid gold!

Nose Frida

You might want to research this one yourself because the description is not so pleasant. BUT this unique snot remover is safe, sanitary and far more effective than the traditional bulb syringe.


This “C” shaped cushion is useful as a newborn lounger, feeding aid, tummy time prop, and positioner for little ones learning to sit. Your little one can see the world (safely) propped up in comfort and style!

As a Tampa Newborn Photographer and a mama myself, these 10 items are tried and true essential items each mama should have in her diaper bag arsenal!

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