The S Family, A Twin Newborn Lifestyle Session Tampa

Twins can be one of two things typically; double the trouble or double the fun. Let me tell ya’– it was an absolute dream to capture the beauty that is Anneliese and Elijah! And they are so double the fun… for now 😉

Twins are so fun to photograph because even at such an early age, each sibling’s personalities shine individually! Elijah is certainly the more laid back and Annneliese certainly had a lot to chat about with me.

It was so much fun to get to know these beautiful parents- double-parenthood was obviously well suited for these two. To watch daddy snuggle Elijah and mommy cuddle made my heart skip a beat. Even their adorable watch-dog made her debut! Loving parents, perfect twins, and a blue-eyed Aussie?!… Be still my heart!! This family of 5 is perfection!
Mom and dad decorated Anneliese and Elijah’s nursery beautifully! Plenty of diverse textures, tones, colors and styles made this nursery a true work of art! Pops of bright color and ample natural lighting made for a perfect newborn lifestyle session.  With sentimental items adorning the nursery, with a rocking horse that was this sweet mama’s as a child and the metal train that was this daddy’s, it’s so apparent how thoughtful this mama and daddy are.  And I love my NICU babies, these two have a soft spot of my heart as I worked in the very same NICU they where cared for during their first few months of life. They did so good being 2 months old here in this session and they are all such a sweet sweet miracle. <3
We ended the session outside, nestled under a canopy of low hanging trees, a photo that mommy chose to have as a large canvas in their home. Their first family portrait was seriously perfection. I am so excited to see what the future holds for these four + their sweet doggy. One things certain, Anneliese and Elijah will forever be connected by a bond few could understand, and I for one can’t wait to see where their journeys take them!


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  1. Kristy

    November 18th, 2016 at 5:47 pm

    That last outside photo is gorgeous.

  2. Jackie

    November 18th, 2016 at 8:31 pm

    Congratulations Caroline! Twins are the best!

  3. Noelle

    November 19th, 2016 at 3:55 am

    These twin photo sessions make me want to have twins!!!

  4. Vanessa

    November 21st, 2016 at 4:10 pm

    The photos outside are absolutely gorgeous! They are just precious!

  5. Isabel Dewey

    November 21st, 2016 at 4:52 pm

    Beautiful! I love the inclusion of ‘big brother’.

  6. Katie Shook

    November 22nd, 2016 at 4:52 pm

    I love the outdoor family picture!

  7. Sarah Michelle

    November 23rd, 2016 at 4:23 am

    The outdoor family pic is going to be on their wall forever! Such adorable twins!

  8. Kristen

    November 23rd, 2016 at 9:47 am

    Such gorgeous intimate photos at home!

  9. Suzanne Borgia

    November 23rd, 2016 at 1:01 pm

    The blanket wrapped twin shot is my fav!

  10. Ashley Ortiz

    November 24th, 2016 at 5:17 am

    Love the close up photo of the twins wrapped in pink & blue blankets … so simple & classic! Also, love the last few family shots outdoors. The dark green foliage is a good contrast to their pastel clothing.

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