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Why Maternity Photos are Valuable to First-Time Moms

As a first time mom, you’re bombarded with lists of “must-haves” for your baby. But with time, you’ll realize that many of these items aren’t necessities. One thing I believe is non-negotiable, and highly recommend to all first time moms, is maternity photos. They’re a timeless gift to both yourself and your baby, cherished for years to come. Here are my top three reasons why prioritizing maternity photos with your first baby is essential:

3 Reasons To Book Maternity Photos For First Time Moms:


  1. Capture the Moments Before Your Family Grows –Your family is expanding from two to three, embarking on a new chapter filled with excitement and joy. Treasure these moments and capture the beauty before you begin your beautiful, new chapter of your lives. 
  2. The Significance of Your First Baby – Your firstborn will forever be the one who changed your world as you knew it. Your family will grow in so many ways but there will truly never be a first again.  
  3. A Gift for Both You and Your Baby – These photos are not only for you, but also for your little one. Remember, these images are something they’ll cherish as they grow.  

Pregnancy is a beautiful gift, and at Brittany Elise Photography, we love to capture your glowing aura. Don’t let this special time pass by without documenting it! Be sure to watch the “A” family through the lens of BEP as we capture those exciting moments before becoming first time parents.  There are so many new things to look forward to as a first time mom, let your maternity photos be the starting point on your journey as a mother.  We know your life is changing in so many ways and we want to take one less decision off your plate.  If you’re looking to make the most out of your maternity session, be sure to check out part two of this blog post coming soon!

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