Why Professional Hair and Makeup is So Important for Your Portrait Session

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or working mom, your day is busy and your nights are even busier. You spend almost every waking hour taking care of or thinking about your littles or other people. And if you’re anything like me or most of my clients, you beat yourself up over the little bit of time you do take for yourself.

It’s why I don’t just offer to show up and take your family portraits. I’ve created a client experience, including professional hair and makeup, that allows you to show up and for just a little while, have someone take care of YOU!

Photo by Brittany Elise Photography.Photo by Brittany Elise Photography.

Having professional hair and makeup for your portrait session will also:

Prepare you For Elements Out Of Your Control

If doing an outdoor session, chances are you may encounter heat, humidity, and wind. Unfortunately, it’s just the nature of living in Tampa and doing beach sessions. But these things don’t have to be as scary as they sound on the day of your session. With professional hair and makeup, we’re able to account for some of it and ensure that your hair isn’t in your face and your makeup doesn’t run or melt off.

Take the Stress Off of You

We don’t want you have to worry about anything other than scheduling your session and then showing up. It can be hard to find a hair and makeup artist you love and coordinate schedules so we take care of all of that for you! The best part? We have a team of artists we trust and know will make you feel beautiful. There’s no questioning if you’ll love it!

Give You Time To Relax

Although I am a newborn and family photographer in Tampa, I am also a mom of three. I understand as well as anyone that despite having all of the logistics taken care of for you, there’s still a layer of stress there. You’re either pregnant, have just had your baby, or chasing toddlers and juggling curricular activities…life is busy. In the hours leading up to your session I want you to be able to relax, put all that aside, and feel ready to go into whatever type of session it is with your family.

Boost Your Confidence

That phrase, “If you look good, you feel good,” may seem a little vain on the surface but there’s a level of truth to it. I’ve seen what putting on a beautiful dress and having your hair and makeup done can do for your confidence. I’ve experienced it myself. And ultimately, the more confident you are, the more relaxed and excited you are going to be for your session and that can have a huge impact on your session and final portraits.

Allow You More Time to Focus on Your Family

At the end of the day, you are a mom and I know that you want to take care of your family. We want that for you too. I promise, by allowing us to take care of you, you’ll have more time to focus on your family.

Photo by Brittany Elise Photography.
Photo by Brittany Elise Photography.

We truly do believe that every momma should feel beautiful. It’s our job to tend to the tiniest of details and ask that you trust us in the process. We work with the most amazing hair and makeup artists from Blush Hair and Makeup and they will meet you in the studio or at your home. They will combine your style with the work that you see so that you not only feel beautiful, but are able to create lasting memories with your family.

Interested in a stress-free portrait session with your family? Contact us!

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