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In the fast-paced realm of photography, honing artistic skills is just the beginning. Transforming that passion into a flourishing business requires a strategic approach, and Leveraging to Luxury (LTL), serves as a guiding force for photographers seeking to elevate their businesses through products and not their time. In this blog post, we reconnect with one of LTL’s alumni, Spencer Livingston of Spencer Livingston Photography, to delve into her extraordinary journey one year post-LTL and the continued triumphs in year two.

Year 1 Post-LTL: A Recap

Q1: How soon after LTL did you get your investment in the program back?

Immediately. I implemented a new pricing structure and sales room strategy in real time during the LTL course and had a $7,000 sale. It paid for itself before I even finished the program.

Q2: What changes did you make to your business after LTL?

LTL provided formal training and first-hand knowledge on what works as a business. While I already had a beautiful studio with luxury features, wardrobe, styling, and makeup, LTL helped me streamline my processes, tweak costs, and focus on the business aspect.

Q3: What impact did LTL have on your artwork sales strategy?

LTL taught me how to get membership clients, and my clients witnessing others purchasing artwork helped normalize it. I didn’t make huge changes to the price point but focused on the cost of doing business.

Q4: What advice would you give to those considering joining LTL?

Just do it. The program’s why makes more sense to both yourself and your clients.

Year 2 Post-LTL: A Deeper Dive

Q1: How have you used the existing LTL model to grow even more in year 2?

Yes! I’ve been using the same LTL model with the only change being another price increase to keep up with the demand.

Q2: How has it changed your personal life in the last year compared to the previous year?

It’s given me confidence in myself as a business owner. It’s so empowering seeing those big numbers in my bank account.

Q3: Where is Spencer Livingston Photography now?

I had a 3rd baby this year and took some time off to spend with him in the spring. I was able to grow my team to serve my clients even better- giving me back more time with my own family. Even with hiring 2 part time employees this year and taking a couple months off for maternity leave, I’ve increased my revenue from last year and having my most profitable year!

Q4: How has your revenue changed in the past year?

I took a couple months off for maternity leave but was still able to increase my revenue to multiple 6 figures and have my most profitable year yet!

Q5: How many hours are you working now?

30 hours/week.

Q6: Have you had a higher sale than your previous record sale of $7,000?

I still haven’t had a $10k+ sale but I do have consistent $3-5k sales on a regular basis and my sales average is $3500.

Q7: If you could tell any person interested in taking LTL who is on the fence- what would you tell them?

That the program will pay for itself with your first membership client and that your kids deserve for their mom to work less and make more money!


Spencer Livingston’s journey showcases the transformative power of Leveraging to Luxury in not only doubling her revenue but also providing the confidence and tools to create a thriving, sustainable photography business. Aspiring photographers, take note: LTL isn’t just a program; it’s a pathway to success. You just have to determine if LTL is right for YOU, and if so, are you ready to do the work? I answer some more questions in this Q&A post as well. If you’re ready, get on the waitlist here be the first to know when applications launch on December 13th… early bird specials are going out to the waitlist and the WAITLIST only this week, be sure you’re on it!

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